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How Much Does A Wedding DJ Cost?

Many brides and grooms enqiries to this Wedding DJ often start with the question How Much Does A Wedding DJ Cost?

For most brides amd grooms this is naturally the first question to ask, as most will not of booked a Wedding DJ before, indeed they may well not of booked any form of DJ before. On the face of it, how much does a wedding dj cost appears to be a simple question, but to answer the question quite a bit of additional information is required to answer it correctly!

A simple answer to how much does a wedding dj charge would be from a few hundred pounds to over a thousand pounds as the experience and service offered varies – however this simple answer does not provide much help with your wedding dj budget.

As with many other service provider there will be a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration by your wedding dj before he or she is able to give you a wedding dj cost estimate. These factors could include:-

These are the important factors that will be taken into consideration by a Wedding DJ when trying to answer your question ‘how much does a dj cost for a wedding?’.

However each Wedding DJ may or may not take into consideration these items, or may take in others that effect them personally. For example:-

Armed with this information you will be better placed to have the information to hand when you phone around for a few wedding dj quotes, because your wedding dj will ask some, all and, no doubt, a few other questions when you call to ask how much does a wedding dj cost?

Ultimately to find the answer to your question get a few quotes from a shortlist of Wedding DJs – generally they will be in the order of £250.00 – £500.00 for an evenings entertainment but price should not be the only factor you consider – compare the quotes you get to see what is being offered, phone what the appear to be the most suitable to see if you ‘click’ and book your choice as soon as you can!

And here’s the sales pitch!……..

I like to provide my clients with that little bit more – I provide them with what they want, need and deserve for their wedding reception – it is a special occasion and should be treated as such. Doing it right requires a Wedding DJ with the right skills and resources that I will bring to your celebration.

It’s the personal attention to detail and planning that will bring your dream wedding reception to life. JMF Disco will provide you with all the help you need to organise your special day, including providing you with a custom Wedding Reception Planner to help organise your special day and the music you want to hear to help make your wedding unforgettable.

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