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Covid Rules Relating To Weddings And Parties - Updated 15th June 2021

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As of 15th June 2021. England remains in Step 3 of the covid lockdown regulations.

covid regulations

It is expected that England will move to Step 4 (back to normal life without 'restrictions') on 19th July, though the data will be reviewed after 2 weeks in case the risks have reduced.

You can read about the durrent advice from government here:

Here is the current advise on what you can and cannot do

Essentially you are allowed to meet in groups of maximum 6 people indoors in a covid secure hospitality venue - the number of groups of 6 a venue can safely accomodate will have to be advised to you by the venue - however dancing and singing is banned and loud music is not allowed.

You are allowed to meet in groups of maximum 30 people out doors - however dancing and singing is 'advised against' and loud music is not allowed

From 21 June, there will no longer be a maximum number cap for attendees set out in law. Instead, the number of attendees at weddings, civil partnerships and receptions will be determined by how many people the venue or space can safely accommodate with social distancing measures in place - although the bride and groom are allowed to have a First Dance - any other dancing or singing and loud music is banned indoors and 'advised against' outdoors.

The updated governement coronavirus regulations for weddings can be found here:

This is obviously a precis of the regulations - but to sum up from the 'party' point of view you are just allowed a First Dance at a wedding and only 'background' music with no dancing or singing at weddings or other social gatherings.

Not the best of news to be honest - but some improvement for brides and grooms at weddings with regard to numbers being able to attend - let's all hope we can get back to business as normal on 19th July 2021!

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