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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mobile Disco Services

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Here is a list of questions that I am frequently asked about our mobile disco and wedding DJ services,and the answers that I frequently give!!

These questions and answers are of a general nature and if you have any further questions relating to anything for your specific party or wedding please do not hesitate to contact me.

mobile disco FAQs

Number 1 - Top Of The Charts - How much do you charge for a disco?

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Every event can differ and so needs to be priced accordingly.

The Contacts page outlines the basic information required to be provided:-

  • Date
  • Type Of Function (Wedding, Birthday, Corporate, Seasonal Function etc)
  • Venue Name
  • Are There Any Stairs To Negotiate? i.e. Is Function Room On First Floor or Above?
  • Number Of Guests Attending
  • Start Time
  • Finish Time
  • Is there any requirement to set up early?

Get in contact and I'll provide you with a personalised quote for the entertainment you want.

I might not be the cheapest but is this what you really want?

How do I book a mobile disco?

I will sent you a booking form/email.

The form will set out the services you require for your event and payment details.

When I receive your confirmation that the details are correct and the required booking fee, I will write back to confirm your booking, confirm receipt of your booking fee and forward on your draft party, event or wedding reception planner to help organise the party that you want.

Do you charge a booking fee?

Yes - we generally charge a booking fee - it is usually about 25% of the full fee - so for a £250 disco we would charge a £60.00 booking fee which is payable before your booking is confirmed - the booking fee is deductible from the full fee - leaving a balance fee of £190.00 to pay.

If you do not want to pay a booking fee and want to pay the whole amount upfront that is fine by us.

How do we pay the booking fee?

Details of how the booking fee can be paid (and the balance fee) are set out in the booking form/email that will be sent to you.

Essentially the booking can be paid via bank transfer, bank or credit card, paypal, cash or olde worlde cheque (if you still have a cheque book!) for personal customers.

With corporate, business, schools, local authorities, registered charities etc we will work with whatever payment systems they have in place - many prefer not to have to pay a booking fee and a balance fee, and like to pay in one go on presentation of an invoice etc.

If your organisation requires self employment status forms, employment procedure forms, tax forms/codes, proof of identity, DBS certificates etc etc we are happy to fill in such forms and provide such details and evidence as required.

Generally however you want to pay is fine by us!!

How do we pay the balance fee?

The balance fee is payable before the event - either a few days before if paying by bank transfer, bank or credit card, paypal, cheque - or can be paid in cash on the day when we turn up. Details of how to pay are set out in your booking form.

If you want, the balance fee can be paid off in instalments - say £50 a month - to be cleared before the event - if that suits your budgeting better - no big bills all coming together at the end!

We will issue a receipt for each instalments payment made and provide you with a running outstanding amount to be paid.

Please note if you choose to pay in cash on the day, cash has to be paid on the day when we turn up - we do not want to be chasing you for payment at the end of the night when everyone wants us out of the venue and wants to go home - cash on the day before we press play!!

Most people prefer to pay before hand so that it is one less thing to think of on the day - we will not wait for Uncle Ted who is coming along later to pay us.

We issue receipt for all payments.

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What events do you cover?

Have a look on the Services page - this outlines the wide extent of JMF Discos experience and abilities - it's the personal approach and adaptability that makes JMF Disco so popular.

If your type of event is not listed please contact me to discuss how I can help.

What kind of music do you play?

The simple answer is the kind of music you want.

When you book JMF Disco you have the choice of having as much input into the choice of the music for your event as you want - you can give me a complete playlist to stick to or let me know your favourite tracks you want played and I will mix them in seamlessly with guests requests on the night.

Let me know what types of music you enjoy and let me surprise you with selections to suit your type of event - requests are always taken on the night (so long as you want!).

With a large library of music for all tastes, from the 1950s up to the latest chart tracks, JMF Disco will have the music for your event.

If I don't currently have your favourite tune, I will purchase it for your special event.

What equipment will the you bring? Does it include lights?

JMF Disco will use professional sound equipment and effects lighting to suit the venue and the number of guests attending.

The type of lighting can be varied to suit the style of your event and mood lighting can be provided to transform the look of your venue by washing the walls in colour.

'Intelligent' lights are used to give a fantastic display for your event.

A smoke machine can also be provided to enhance the effect of the lights but please check that the venue allows the use of a smoke machine - we don't want fire alarms going off do we?

We don't want a scruffy DJ turning up making me/us look bad, what will you wear?

JMF Disco prides itself on it's professional image - smart equipment and smart DJ whatever the event.

Standard dress is dark polo shirt with dark trousers and shoes.

Suit and tie/bow tie can be worn if required for your particular event.

If required a fancy dress outfit can be hired in to add to the flavour of your party if required.

I am always courteous, polite and affable to you and your guests ..... I shouldn't have to highlight this but there are some........

Our venue is asking to see proof of Public Liability Insurance?

We hold £10m Public Liability Insurance cover, a copy of our current certificate is available on request.

Our venue is also asking to see proof of PAT Testing of equipment?

JMF Disco's Equipment is Portable Appliance Tested (PAT) annually to comply with the Health & Safety Guidelines by an independent electrical engineer.

Equipment is also checked before erection and after dismantling at an event to ensure yours and my own safety. A copy of JMF Disco's current PAT test certificate is available on request.

How long does it take to set up the disco?

Generally it takes about an hour to set up for a 'standard' show - this gives plenty of time and ensures all the setting up is done before your early guests turn up.

It takes about an hour after the performance to dismantle and clear away the disco area.

Setting up a large show will take longer and a smaller show will take less time.

Some venues naturally take longer to get in and out of - those on the 1st floor for example - but rest assured we will have allowed enough time to do so before the start of your party.

If you are having a celebration meal before the disco in the same room I would suggest that you consider taking advantage of my advance set up service to avoid disruptions during/after your meal.

I am reliable and punctual arriving in plenty of time to set up, solving any problems that arise (why isn't that electrical socket working Mr Venue Manager?) and making sure everything is working before your guests arrive.

How much room do you require to set the disco up in?

A 'standard' show will require about 3.5 m x 2m, larger shows will require....yes you've guessed it - a larger area.

If space is a concern I can use a compact booth that will fit in the corner of a room with a diagonal frontage of about 2m - smaller if less lights are used.

If you are worried that your venue will not have enough space I am always prepared to visit a venue to advise on the best setup if required.

What happens if something breaks down?

Unlike many discos, JMF Disco uses professional grade equipment that is very reliable and in the unlikely event of a breakdown duplicate equipment is always carried to ensure the show goes on.

Any other questions?

I hope the above has answered any general questions you may have and the rest of the website shows you what I am capable of, but if you have any questions, need advice or want to book please get in contact - I'm here to help.

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Keeping current with the latest DJ disco music - 14th June 2024

Staying up to date with all the latest chart hits is part of the work that goes on in the background to ensure your mobile discotheque has all your favourite latest greatest tunes.

This week Eminem remains in the top spot in the singles chart with Houdini and Taylor Swift remains the top spot in the album charts with The Tortured Poets Department.

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